Featured Products

SIL IPU Industrial Power Unit Engine Panels

SIL IPU Panels provide packagers with a simple and cost effective method to start, run and protect engine driven industrial machines.  

SIL 450 Controller for Diesel Irrigation Pumps

SIL’s best selling Irrigation Pump Control System.  SIL450 is a complete electrical system including engine wiring harness and throttle actuator. Installation takes only minutes.

SIL900LF Remote Control for Diesel Irrigation

Advanced control system for diesel engine irrigation pumps. Designed specifically with farm efficiency, water conservation and failure protection in mind. Remote start & stop via mobile phone text message, regulated flow, pressure and fast detection of bursts.

SIL 990 Waste Umbilical Spreading Pump Control

Unattended pump operation with status display in the tractor cab using a radio system with up to 6km range. Precision speed and divert valve control for selection of spreading or re-circulation & mixing.